Resources for Ladies Princess Slip #0336

Here are the resources for the fabric, lace that I used in my Princess Slip                 I am a retailer for Bear Threads (they only sell wholesale).  For the slip I used:                    Bearissma 55″/140cm wide cotton Swiss batiste that retails for $ 27.95 yd.  This is the finest cotton batiste I have found.  It is slightly translucent and a bit pricy, but I decided if I was going to invest so much of my time doing heirloom, I wanted to use the best.          Bearissima II 55″/140cm wide cotton Swiss batiste retails for $28.95 yd.  This is as fine as Bearissima, but isn’t as translucent, being slightly heavier.

These products were purchased from Martha Pullen’s on line store ( :                                                                                                1″ wide French Lace insertion:# 5111                                                                                1″ wide French Lace Edging:# 5110                                                                                    1 2/3″ wide Victorian Embroidered Beading: # 28934

I am a Martha Pullen Licensed Heirloom Sewing Instructor.  This book is my favorite resource for Heirloom Sewing: “Heirloom Sewing for Women: French Sewing by Machine” by Martha Campbell Pullen

A great resource for heirloom serging is: : “Heirloom Sewing by Serger” video by Martha Pullen and Kathy McMakin

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